Is Cat Mann is PAX a television series?
Not exactly. It started in 2017 as a two-part serial novel, delivered one episode at a time by email. The episodes were between six and fifteen pages each, with illustrations, support materials and links to local music. THEN… We got a fancy idea to make it into a motion comic. The series will reboot in its new format featuring screenplays, links to local music, illustrations by Taryn Cozzy, which will then be lightly animated and narrated by Alex Vale to be delivered on Patreon as video content to subscribing patrons!

Who created Cat Mann is PAX?
AMV (Alex Vale) is an independent author and media artist who makes a living as a web and graphic designer, project wrangler, and writes fiction on the side. Alex is based on the East Coast of the US, and travels extensively as a digital nomad. Illustrations are by Taryn Cozzy. Editing by Nellie Beavers. Marketing (starting 2020) by Stacy Dove.

What is Patreon?
It’s a secure and popular platform for artists and creators to make work available to fans by subscription. Currently, Cat Mann is PAX is available exclusively via Patreon. Visit the page and choose a patron reward level to gain access to the motion comic videos, screenplays, bonus content, illustrations, and be heard in comments!

How will I receive PAX after purchase?
Once you’ve created a pledge and a login on Patreon, that’s where you’ll go to view patron-only posts. You’ll get notified by email when new posts have come out (and of course you can edit that in your settings). You will also be added to a mailing list which automatically sends a single monthly email directly from Alex Vale summarizing the posted videos, screenplays and bonus materials along with other goodies. While most updates will happen directly on Patreon, there will be certain announcements and special content which will be exclusively available through that monthly email. Log into Patreon and see the description for your selected reward tier for exact details on accessing bonus materials, patron-only posts and the community!

Can I get Cat Mann is PAX as a printed book?
Not Yet!

Can I buy all the episodes at once?
Currently, you can access all original story episodes (prose format) from 1.1 through 6.4 by becoming a patron. You can even “cheat” a little and skip to the “Binge Week” episode by searching for “binge week” within the Cat Mann is PAX Patreon page.

Where can I review Cat Mann is PAX?
Anywhere you like! If you are kind enough to write a review, please share a link with AMV.

I want to report a typo/mistake.
Oh, thank you! We have put a lot of work into editing and checking work, but sometimes those little buggers slip through the cracks! Please send details directly to the author.

Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes! Your subscription is managed by logging into your Patreon account and removing “Cat Mann is PAX” from your pledges. See details on this and other billing info here.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Patreon accepts your recurring payments in U.S. Dollars by credit card through Stripe and PayPal.

How does a Patreon pledge work?
In a nutshell, you decide how you’d like to support a creator’s project by pledging to buy current and upcoming work on a recurring basis! In the case of Cat Mann is PAX, you are signing up to receive both existing and future posts from the series plus bonus materials… You set your pledge amount and pay it once when you sign up, then once a month until you edit or cancel it! For more details on becoming a patron, check out Patreon’s handy-dandy step-by-step guide!

Where else can I find Cat Mann is PAX?
Currently it’s exclusively available on Patreon. Announcements will be made if the series becomes available on other platforms. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for fun commentary and teasers by the characters and author.

Are the glyphs from a real language?
Paxian is a complete language created and designed by the author as part of the series. For insider details, legends, translations and more, become a part of the patron community!

Who made the designs and trailers?
All the promotional materials, trailers and web content is personally designed just for you (incorporating Taryn’s art), with love by AMV.

Can I buy Cat Mann is PAX merch?
December 1, 2019, we launched our brand new shop here on the site! There’s just one thing… we’re only making it available to patrons! Preview the store here, and if you like what you see, become a patron for access codes (and even discounts) to enter the exclusive patron shop!

Is Cat Mann is PAX translated into any languages other than English?
While it’s my sincere goal to translate the screenplays, right now I’m focused on simply getting them written… HOWEVER! One of the cool advantages of moving to a motion comic format is closed captioning. So, while the text will be narrated aloud in English, you can translate it with closed captioning in any of the available languages. (COMING 2020) Stay tuned! Also, please reach out to AMV if you’d like to participate in guest translating any of the series!