Coming in 2022

Cat Mann is PAX - Legend of the Keyholders

A new fantasy fiction novel by Alex Vale

Plot Summary: Part One – Legend of the Keyholders is set in modern New York City and beyond. Cat Mann, an unemployed travel blogger, discovers an ancient language and her own latent superpowers (much to her chagrin). In the wake of several losses, she must discover their meaning and how to use them. Her friends team up to help her solve the mystery, but they’re not the only ones researching…

About the Author: AlexVale (they/them) is a writer, producer, designer, illustrator, and humorist known for clowning about worldwide, and getting creative things done at U.S. startups. Guilty of photobombing vacation pics, and accidentally moving places since1977.

Estimated release date: January 2022

Formats: ePub, PDF, Trade Paperback

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